Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Kenya


The best season to visit Kenya

Travel to Kenya in the rainy season is one of the most enjoyable times to visit. The best season to visit Kenya for safaris is between October and June, during which the dry months begin. Most safaris occur during this time, so wildlife watching is at its finest. Also during this time of the year, the annual migration happens during this time, so bird watching is also at it’s best.


The rainy season usually lasts from July to September, when the rains are heaviest. If you travel in June to September, visit the coastal areas or local villages because the temperature will generally be much more tolerable. The best thing to do in June or July is to rent a vehicle or travel by yourself. The rainy season in Kenya can be a delightful time. You can find many things to do when visiting Kenya in this season including horse riding in the Omo River or going out on the Serengeti. It is important to remember that the rains come every three months, so it is important to be ready for rain in July and August.

Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Kenya

Travelling to Kenya is a lot of fun, especially if you take advantage of some great vacation and travel packages available today. If you take advantage of these packages, you can expect to have a much better vacation and experience. This article will help you select a package that suits your needs and budget. Kenya is a great place to visit. The country is beautiful and very popular with visitors and holidaymakers alike. If you’re looking for a unique way to travel to this exciting country then consider visiting during the rainy season.

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The top ten tourist attractions in Kenya include the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Mount Kilimanjaro, Kenya’s White Rhinos, Masai Mara Game Reserve, Okavango Delta, Tsavo East National Park, Swahili Coast, Lake Nakuru National Park, Turkana Game Reserve and the Great Rift Valley National Park. Kenya has a very diverse landscape with plenty of places to see, as well as many options for exploring and experiencing the natural resources of the country. There are also many great cities and towns to enjoy in the country as well, including Nairobi, Mombasa and Ndereba, among others. If you’re not used to seeing animals close up, then visiting Kenya could be a little scary at first. Most travellers do not realize that all animals are native to Africa and were brought into the country over time by humans. You may find that many animal populations have changed due to human interference and are now different than they were thousands of years ago. This is why it is important to do a little research and understand the history of the area before travelling to Africa.

How to Apply For an eVisa to Kenya

How to apply for travel to Kenya is actually not as difficult as many people might have you believe. This electronic visa is an electronic document that enables travellers to travel to Kenya via the country’s electronic visa gateway. This electronic visa can be applied online. The procedure involved in applying for this visa is quite simple.

The first step in applying for the visa is to fill up a visa application form online. Many things will be asked in the visa application form, such as the purpose of your visit, name, address, gender and the age of the applicant. Most of the time applicants get a visa within three working days. Some other important documents are also required for the visa, most of which are mentioned in the visa application form. These are documents like passport, a recently taken photo, return ticket, and the hotel booking.

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Once the visa is issued, it will be valid for 90 days. Travellers must use it before it expires. Many websites are dedicated to helping you know how to apply for travel to Kenya. The agents can make the process very simple and easy for you. If you have any doubts regarding this process, then it is better to contact a travel agent and ask for some clarifications about the procedure of applying for this visa.